Firm Presentation

PPTA financial services is a renowned financial firm selling and managing group insurance plan and personal insurance.

The company is in full growth mode and serves more than 12,000 individual insurance clients and over 200 businesses with customized group insurance plans. PPTA is known as an industry leader based on its vision, its innovative insurance services and its customer service program.

PPTA’s main office is located in Gatineau and operates also from Québec, Lévis, Laval and Ottawa. PPTA is a shareholder in Synergis Insurance Advisers, a firm that develops personalised financial products and services.

PPTA has a team of about 15 insurance experts and relies on a vast network of partners that operate in a rapidly evolving environment that is also pleasant and thrives on dynamism and efficiency.

Our philosophy

Integrated Management & Sales for Optimal Results

Notre philosophie

Our promise

We will thoroughly analyse your current situation, provide optimal advices, and offer you a personalised service that go beyond your expectations. We will always seek innovative ways to serve you better.

Take advantage of PPTA's offer

  • Save 25% to 50% on your group insurance premiums with the Vias Concept
  • Update, secure and manage all of your financial coverages
  • Have expert claims management
  • Take advantage of innovating cost-control solutions, plan for the unexpected, and maximize your assets