Maxime Lafrance-Brochu B.A.A., Fin. Pl.

Financial planner
Mutual fund representative
Responsible Investment Specialist (RIS)

“I am disciplined and my dynamism is contagious. Things have to move, and all my actions are focused on achieving goals, whether they are ones I have set personally, or those of my clients. It’s the human side of my work that gets me up in the morning!”

Maxime started his career as a financial security advisor and sales director, then joined PPTA in 2017. In less than four years, he made a place for himself and became one of the company partners — a dazzling ascent to say the least! Maxim is very happy to share his experience and has delivered several presentations about finances in schools in the region, as well as in several professional offices. Maxime is committed to providing sustainable and responsible solutions to his clients and has followed the Responsible Investment Specialist (RIS) training. He is proud to share what he has learned with the team.

What makes him a unique ally: His capacity to find the answer to any question raised by his clients. If he doesn’t have it now, it won’t be long!