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Wealth Management

To let you fully enjoy the present while ensuring a comfortable future, the PPTA team will design a customized and personalized comprehensive plan for your future. Whether to ensure you have a comfortable retirement, plan a major investment, transfer your company or plan the transfer of your assets to your loved ones, you will find we are a talented ally who will ensure that your wealth is deployed for your well-being.

Without a doubt, successful asset management requires a full understanding of your needs. Beyond filling out forms, your advisors seek to understand the person behind the financial objectives. You may be self-employed, an executive or a business owner, but you are also a travel lover, a parent, or a future grandparent: a person in your own rights, with aspirations and goals… for today and tomorrow.

Once we get to know you, we can put all our know-how at your service. We will provide you with a plan that suits you best, one that takes into account your current reality, professional ambitions and your life projects. That’s what inspires us!

Our Approach

Effective, astute wealth management takes into account all your needs. Insurance, tax issues and investments are all interrelated and can greatly influence your current financial situation, your retirement plan and your estate planning. Our approach will take all these elements into consideration and will offer you effective, well-thought-out strategies.

Simple, but important, steps:

  • Understanding you
  • Advising you
  • Supporting you

Our Commitment

What sets us apart is our commitment to ensure continuity in your financial journey. Once your personalized plan has been established, our team of advisors will accompany you from implementation to evolution. They will stay in close contact with you to help the plan evolve through the different stages of your life, so that it can continue to guide your efforts.

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We also provide ecologically and socially responsible financial solutions so you can create community wealth.

I was highly impressed by Sophie’s level of commitment to monitoring my file.

I feel like she takes care of my finances as if they were hers!

Paul, 54 years old
Business owner
Soon to be a grandfather

Private Management

PPTA Private Management offers a wealth creation and financial support process adapted to the specific needs of financially comfortable people.

Our team provides a highly personalized experience and a rigorous and reliable process. Our multidisciplinary approach takes into account all aspects of wealth and addresses the main factors for prosperity:

  • Your investments
  • Your tax situation
  • Your financial protection
  • Your retirement withdrawal strategy
  • Your estate goals

You’ll benefit from a team of independent advisors who will provide access to a range of complementary products and solutions, adapted to your risk profile and your life goals.

Learn about our wealth creation process.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement may seem to be a far-off and complex goal… But it’s never too early to think about planning for it.

Whether your assets are comprised of a pension fund or real estate investments, or if your company is your main asset, we offer efficient solutions to simplify this important stage in your life.

During the last 25 years, we have supported thousands of people in the National Capital region to reach an enjoyable, prosperous and happy retirement! We’d like to do the same for you.

The seasoned advisors at PPTA will help you see things clearly and make the right choices.

On the road to retirement

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Tip #1

Would you like to create up to 2.3 times more wealth?

The average household that retains the services of an investment advisor for at least 15 years accumulates 2.3 more assets than the average “comparable” household that doesn’t use an advisor.

Source: More on the Value of Financial Advisors, Claude Montmarquette and Alexandre Prud’Homme, CIRANO, 2020.

Tip #2

Do you hold corporate class funds?

Designed for non-registered investments and corporate investments, this type of fund means you can:

  • Delay income tax
  • Grow your capital more quickly
  • Pay less tax on investment income

Tip #3

Why should I withdraw my RRSPs prior to retirement?

In some situations, frequent for business people, it is advantageous to withdraw your RRSPs before retirement age as a tax optimization strategy.

Our products & services

We offer a complete range of wealth management products and services, focused on your needs, and that of your family.

Our products & services

We offer a complete range of wealth management products and services, focused on your needs, and that of your family.

  • Mutual Funds
  • Individual Pension Plan (IPP)
  • Executive Pension Plan (EPP)
  • Portfolio for Holding Company
  • Tax-Efficient Funds
  • Guaranteed Investment Funds
  • Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)
  • Pension Plan, DPSP, Group RRSP

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