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Life brings a series of challenges and opportunities. We all want to enjoy the present moment, while planning for tomorrow. Wealth is not just a question of money — it’s also the freedom to accomplish your life projects.

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Tax, Estate and Charitable Planning

Investing in a better future, that’s a way to create wealth! We think that small actions today will make a great difference tomorrow and will have a positive impact both on your financial wealth and the world in which you live.

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Gladstone Program: Solutions for health care professionals and students

By partnering with experts in tax planning and legal services, we’ve created a unique and exclusive approach to meet your needs… for every stage in your career and your life.

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Insurance and Financial Solutions

There are as many solutions as there are individuals and entrepreneurs. At PPTA, we carefully support you through all the milestones in your life.

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At PPTA, you’ll find the talented ally you need to reach your financial objectives. Our team of professionals is devoted to your financial success and will help you make the right choices for your current situation and your future.

We strive to make a difference in your life and your community, through judicious advice and a human and thoughtful approach.

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The PPTA team prides itself on a corporate culture focused on social responsibility and on a commitment to its clientele and its community. Our aim is to create trusted relationships and to help you meet all your financial needs.

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Change is possible

We all live in the hope of better days — for ourselves, our planet and our entire human family. What is important to know is that we are all, individually and collectively, agents of the necessary change.

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There are always problems with insurers when the time comes to make a claim. Why should it be different in your case?

The vast majority of problems at the time of a claim comes from a lack of information or incomplete information at the time of purchase of the insurance policy. Our coverage validation service, added to our claim’s assistance program, solves this problem. We have been offering this service to our clients since 2003.

You work on commission, so if you don't sell products, you don't get paid. This gives me the impression that your recommendations are not objective!

This is a fairly common thought. We are dealing with a situation of honesty and integrity that is not related to the method of payment. Fee-based services could also be overcharged. Integrity is one of our deepest values and that is why thousands of clients have trusted us for nearly 20 years. We are here to support you in your decision making. Note that we also have several fee-based services.

How much does a complete retirement plan with a disbursement strategy cost?

Our fees vary according to the particularities of each case. For reference, the average fee for such work is approximately $1000.

Can I negotiate down the management fees on my investments?

This depends on your level of assets under management. Generally speaking, from $500,000 of investment, the management fees are reduced. Note that our management fees are among the most competitive on the market, regardless of the level of assets you hold with us.

What makes private management services different?

Private management is mainly for people who have several complex assets, such as a corporation, a trust, several properties, foreign assets, a disabled family member and other similar situations. We have therefore set up a team and specific services to meet these particular needs.

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Thanks to our strong relationships with major insurers and the largest investment companies in Canada, your advisor has access to a wide range of tools to offer you the most effective and customized solutions.

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