Olivier Laberge

Partner, new market development
Founder, The Gladstone Program
Financial security advisor

“I was young when I started as an entrepreneur. This led me to become involved in a variety of construction and real estate investment projects, and defined myself as a professional. I love business development and finding ways to innovate, but I also have a very strong empathetic side…I’m always ready to lend a hand to others.”

Olivier well understands the realities of business owners and young professionals. He is very familiar with the challenges and obstacles they face and can easily grasp their needs and advise them on optimal financial strategies. Olivier is discreet, devoted and ambitious. He rapidly rose through the ranks to become a partner with PPTA. He is a new father, and continues to be very actively involved with his clients and the community. He sits on the board of directors of Maison Mathieu Froment-Savoie and was a founder of the Regroupement des jeunes philanthropes de l’Outaouais. He also greatly contributed to development of The Gladstone Program, an exclusive solution offered by PPTA.

His guidepost statement: “A problem without a solution is a poorly stated problem” – Albert Einstein