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Combining your personal life with managing a company isn’t always easy! And things become even more complicated when you need a retirement withdrawal strategy or want to optimize your wealth for your loved ones. Simplifying your life: PPTA is there for that!

Through multi-facet planning, the experienced and attentive PPTA team will be with you at every stage of your life. Together, we’ll combine reflection and action, strategy and implementation, while providing the monitoring necessary to reach your goals.

Once we discover who you are, we can put all our know-how at your service. We’ll provide you with a plan that suits you best, one that takes into account your current reality, professional ambitions and your life projects. That’s what inspires us!

Our approach

Your personal financial health cannot be separated from that of your company. That’s why we act in synergy on these two aspects:

Solutions for you, to create personal and family wealth, growing them in the best way possible.

Financial strategies for your company to protect assets and maximize its growth potential.

Marc has been helping me since the start of my career, more than 15 years ago. He supported me in establishing my first financial protection, in acquiring my first business and in the challenges related to succession planning. He’s the person I turn to immediately for anything related to my financial matters!

Mylène, 45 years old
Socially committed entrepreneur
Dreams of buying a home in Central America

An approach
true to you

Instead of “ready-made” recipes and star products, we much prefer working with you to develop solutions that take into account your situation and that of your company, your goals and resources.

Think globally, act tactically, that’s our philosophy.

Six key tips for getting there

Tip #1

Do you have partners? Having a shareholder’s agreement in place is essential. This will let you plan for delicate situations such as the buy-sell of a partner in the case of a departure or disability, avoiding endangering your financial security.

Tip #2

Do you think it’s too early to calculate the taxes to be owed at time of your death? Not at all! The earlier the better. By calculating them now, we can identify efficient solutions to increase your estate.

Tip #3

Don’t wait to buy permanent life insurance. Premiums increase with age. Also, by purchasing a policy when you are young, you can also benefit from exponential returns.

Tip #4

Your ability to earn revenue is most likely your greatest asset. Be prepared for everything by ensuring you have the best possible protection if you become disabled.

Tip #5

During this period of labour shortages, you need to be creative to retain your key employees. The health care account is one of the most effective options.

Tip #6

Have you thought of using a “split-dollar” strategy for critical illness coverage? With this approach, you can save money and access major tax advantages.

Would you like to create up to 2.3 times more wealth?

Families that retain the services of an advisor for at least 15 years accumulate 2.3 more assets than the comparable family that doesn’t use an advisor.

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Our products & services

We offer a variety of products and services to reach your goals:

Our products & services

We offer a variety of products and services to reach your goals:

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability and Critical Illness Insurance
  • Insurance Claim Help Program
  • Group Insurance
  • Key-Employee Program
  • Planned Giving and Philanthropic Funds
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Group Pension Plan
  • Flow-Through Shares

A gesture with impact.

An opportunity for your company.

Corporate social responsibility is becoming an increasingly important way for companies to stand out. Given the labour shortage and increased competition, many companies understand the importance of creating a culture of philanthropy and sustainable development principles. Those at the cutting-edge of this movement are noticed for acting directly on employee loyalty and retention, and for the trust and engagement of their clients. They enjoy a competitive advantage in the market.

Don’t know where to start? Learn about the PPTA approach. You will understand how to implement your own strategy, based on your values and interests.

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