Sophie Lemaire B.A.A., Fin. Pl.

Partner — Wealth Management Director
Financial planner
Mutual fund representative

“I have been passionately involved in financial planning for more than 25 years. I collaborate with a clientele of successful professionals and businesspeople. My role is to guide them to the optimal financial situation, using customized strategies.”

Sophie worked with the major financial institutions over many years and was recognized for her rigour and devotion to her clients. In 2015, she decided to join PPTA in order to create a greater difference for her clients. Generous and committed, Sophie has delivered many talks and training sessions related to several aspects of wealth management, including will and estate planning. Sophie is highly active in her community, in numerous causes and organizations, such as the Fondation Santé Gatineau.

The values she thinks are most important: The satisfaction of clients, and self-fulfillment.