Michel Hivon

Financial security advisor

“I am as serious as I am jolly — I have a bit of a crazy side, I don’t take myself seriously! While I am a patient and calm person — well-behaved even — I can be a bit stubborn when necessary. I’m a family man. My children, my brothers and sisters are very important to me. I’m always ready to help, people can count on me. But I know how to recognize my limits and I appreciate down time.”

Michel has a passion for finance. He worked for many years in financial institutions before joining PPTA in 2012, in order to work at a more human scale. He is patient and calm, highly determined and takes care of every little detail for his clients. For many years he was involved in the Rotary Club and has been a member of the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce since 1991.

His guidepost statement: “Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.” – Earl of Chesterfield