Daniel Grégoire

Financial controller

“I’m a calm, serene, and determined person. Beneath my peaceful appearance, I like everything that breaks the monotony of routine. I enjoy challenges and successfully completing projects. If I seem to call into question something, it’s because I enjoy analyzing things, finding additional information or confounding skeptics… And if I do it, it’s always well-meaning.”

Daniel has been with PPTA since 2012 and has 15 years’ experience as a financial controller. A stickler for accuracy, he takes a proactive approach, focusing on results. Daniel is curious and rigorous at all times — a true Columbo! He taught downhill skiing for 10 years, participated in dance competitions for 20 years, and even was a Canadian champion!

His guidepost statement: “Your actions speak so loudly, I cannot hear what you are saying” – Ralph Waldo Emerson