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Financial and professional support. Exclusively for medical students and health care professionals.

Times have changed.

And so have the needs of medical students and professionals. The PPTA team knows this, and has partnered with a team of legal and tax experts to offer you our Gladstone Program.

The Gladstone Program was created by an entire team working together, taking advantage of their respective expertise to offer you peace of mind, throughout your studies and career.

The Gladstone Program: a resolutely modern program that works for you, while respecting environmentally and socially responsible values.

The Gladstone Program is:

The Gladstone Program is:

A tax expert

A legal advisor

A financial planner

A unique program to help you with claims

A client manager assigned to you, as soon as you subscribe

A way to fill out and transmit your annual personal income tax return

A 25% discount on disability insurance protection

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The Gladstone Program also includes:

A customized annual update of your entire financial portfolio

Tips and tricks to manage your student loans

A business mentoring service

Suggestions for your billing

Support for applications for governmental grants for students

Program cost :

Free while you are a student

“Since the beginning of my studies, my only priority was medicine. Managing my finances and investments and planning my future were all put on the back-burner. When The Gladstone Program was presented to me, I realized it addressed several of my concerns.

When talking with many experienced physicians, I realized that some of them were also neglecting important areas of their personal finances. That’s a problem that The Gladstone Program team can solve for all of us.”

Edouard Wakim

Medical student, Université de Montréal
Entrepreneur at heart

Personalized solutions and dedicated professionals

– Throughout your career –

  • Tips for stress management
  • Strategies to pay off my debts
  • Advice for my budget planning
  • Help establishing insurance coverage
  • Advice for saving, using socially responsible funds
  • Understanding, without feeling judged or intimidated when faced with all the financial information to consider for my future
  • Should I incorporate? I’d like to understand all the ins and outs of doing this.
  • Should I think about other kinds of investments, such as real estate? I’d like to know all about the options available to me.
  • I have a young family, what financial programs and insurance options should I consider?
  • I’m planning to purchase a house or real estate. I’d like to review my financial decisions with a professional I can trust.
  • I need a complete update of my financial plan and I’d like to learn what tax strategies apply to my situation.
  • I’m thinking of becoming a partner in a practice. I’d like to get coaching for this process.
  • I’d like to have a mentor regarding my work-family balance.
  • I have to set up a billing system. How do I start, what are the costs and what are my options?
  • I have to create a will and a mandate in case of incapacity (power of attorney). Given my situation, what do I need to take into consideration?

“I recently incorporated my practice and I am very grateful for the advice I received from my PPTA advisor in this process.”

– Célia, 28 years old, Family doctor

  • To diversify my investments. Do you have any suggestions?
  • To make a difference in my community
  • Financial strategies to maximize my net income
  • Retirement planning strategies
  • A clear portrait of my finances to implement medium — and long-term planning mechanisms
  • To update my will and plan my estate

“Not only do I feel that I am well protected, but I’ve also received several premium reimbursement cheques from my disability insurance. The annual update of all my coverage gives me peace of mind, which I greatly appreciate. In addition, PPTA keeps me aware of recent financial trends related to taxes and financial planning.”

– Dr. Jean-François Tessier (56 years old), periodontist

  • What are the best programs to prepare for retirement, taking into account all personal and professional aspects?
  • I need to learn about the various retirement withdrawal strategies applicable to my situation, in order to realize my retirement dreams.
  • Should I change some of my financial protection services?
  • I’d like to help my grandchildren financially. What are the best ways to do so?

“The idea of retirement requires planning for several elements beyond the financial aspect. The process offered by PPTA appealed to me from the start, because I could progress at my own speed according to my interests and objectives. My financial plan now includes a withdrawal element that takes into account the taxes to be paid at my death, and financial security for my loved ones.”

– Dr. Richard Brochu (63 years old), Family doctor

  • I’d like to sell off some properties. How can I be sure I’ll minimize the taxes payable?
  • I’d like to update my financial plan to take into consideration income taxes owed at death and my estate goals.
  • I’d like to make a difference in my community, while taking advantage of tax benefits.
  • I’m the liquidator of an estate. Where can I get help with this?

“I quickly understood that the creators of The Gladstone Program had a real wish to make a difference.

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