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The Executive Team Commitment Declaration

We have always attached a great deal of importance to the protection of your personal data.

To ensure the trust of our current and future customers, it is imperative to put measures and procedures in place to preserve the confidentiality of our clients’ personal data, whether it is financial, medical, family or professional.

The Canadian government has adopted the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) to protect the right of every Canadian to protect the privacy of their personal data when the latter is gathered, used, or communicated within commercial activities.

This law lists principles that must be used by companies as guidelines to protect their customers’ personal data. Confidentiality and guidelines to protect your privacy have always been a major concern at PPTA Financial services.

Each of our departments follows guidelines and processes that are appropriate to the secure management of your personal information. These practices are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect our continued commitment to privacy and confidentiality.

The Company, the advisers, the analysts, the employees, other persons and organizations that act for the Company, or in its name, are under an obligation to conform to our privacy standards.

Protecting confidentiality has always and will always be at the core of how we do business at PPTA.

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