Calculate Your Critical Illness Insurance Needs

Monthly Income and Expenses Your Information
Monthly Income
Loss of income from your job (Estimate a minimum of 6 months salary, but account for any disability coverage you have.)
Loss of income from spouse's job (Estimate a minimum of 3 months salary for your spouse to take a leave of absence.)
Monthly Expenses
Mortgage or Rent (Estimate 6 months of payments.)
Credit Card Payments (Estimate 6 months of payments.)
Loan and Other Debts (Estimate 6 months of payments.)
Recovery Expenses
Domestic Help (For example: housecleaning or childcare services. Estimate 3 days per week for 6 months at $22 per hour.)
Home Modifications (Estimate $10,000 minimum for modifications such as wheelchair ramps, grab bars, etc.)
Medical Equipment (Estimate $5,000 minimum for a wheelchair or other equipment.)
Miscellaneous (For example: transportation to treatments, hospital parking, etc. Estimate $50 per week for 3 months.)
Total Expenses 0 $
Minimum Coverage Needed 0 $

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