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Calculate your critical illness insurance needs

Monthly income and expenses Your information
Monthly income
Your loss of income (Estimate at least six months of salary, taking into account all existing disability insurance coverage)
Loss of income of your spouse (Estimate at least three months of salary if your spouse wants to take leave without pay)
Monthly expenses
Mortgage or rent (Estimate payments for six months)
Credit card payments (Estimate for six months)
Loans and other debt (Estimate for six months)
Costs related to your recovery
Domestic help (e.g. housekeeping or childcare. Estimate three days per week for six months at $22/hour)
Home renovation (Estimate at least $10,000 for work such as a wheelchair ramp, support bars, etc.)
Medical equipment (Estimate at least $5000 for a wheelchair or other equipment)
Miscellaneous (For example: transportation for treatments, hospital parking, etc. Estimate $50 per week for three months)
Total expenditures 0 $
Minimum protection required 0 $

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