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Calculate your disability insurance needs

Living expenses Your information
Per year Per month
Property taxes
Public utilities (gas, water, electricity)
Services (land line, cell phone, cable, Internet, home alarm system)
Reimbursement of debt (credit cards, line of credit, persona loans)
Car loan or lease
Transportation expenses (fuel, tolls, vehicle maintenance, transit, etc.)
Insurance premiums (house, car, life and others)
Medical expenses (medical care, dental and medications)
Gifts (birthdays, holidays, etc.)
Leisure (hobbies, cinema, golf, restaurants, club memberships, children’s activities, vacations, etc.)
Savings (money set aside for retirement, studies, etc.)
Other expenses (spending money, home maintenance and renovation, seasonal costs, etc.)
Total monthly expenses 0 $
Estimated average income tax rate during disability

Projected monthly income during disability
Taxable After tax
Benefits from long-term group disability insurance (income replacement benefits payable via a plan sponsored by the employer, or other group disability insurance)
Benefits from individual disability insurance (income replacement benefits payable from any individual disability insurance coverage purchased by you)
Investment income (income from your investments, including shares and mutual funds)
Unearned income (rent, royalties and other revenue you will continue to receive even if you are disabled)
Company income (business income you will continue to receive even if you are disabled)
Other sources of long-term disability benefits
Your spouse’s income
Income after all taxes during a disability 0 $
Total Income after taxes during a disability 0 $
Total monthly needs 0 $
Monthly disability insurance required 0 $

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