Tax and estate planning

Being rich is not about money, it is about the freedom to make your dreams come true. An estate plan is all about making your vision become a reality as it will tell others how to handle your affairs and finances after you have passed away. It dictates how to distribute your assets at death, including money, property and other possessions. It will help to ensure your estate is divided according to your wishes, rather than the government’s. And, it can help to minimize taxes, so you can transfer your estate to your heirs in the most optimal way.

An estate plan also offers benefits during your lifetime, as it facilitates the accumulation of savings for retirement by taking advantage of tax savings opportunities. Tax planning will contribute in the implementation of sound strategies to reduce taxes or defer them, to protect shareholder investment, and to facilitate business succession.

During an estate planning, we cover the following:

  • Succession (current situation, taxes to be paid following your death, your will);
  • Financial strategies to minimize taxes;
  • Legal aspects (trust, will, mandate in case of incapacity, shareholder agreement, etc.);
  • A thorough review of current financial protections.

Because all these elements are interrelated, they must be analysed together for an optimal result. A global analysis of these aspects provides a clearer picture of your situation and will help us define a strategic plan that meets your needs and takes your constraints and personal objectives into account.

Please note that we work in close collaboration with your current trusted advisors (accountant, tax specialist, lawyer, notary, etc.) to develop this strategic plan and that in most cases, we can provide this service free of charge.

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