I already have a policy – Try the PPTA test.

This test reviews all existing policies to validate, through a simulation, the suitability of your coverage. This service helps you avoid paying for unnecessary premium and regularize your status with your insurer if need be. This service is offered for a modest professional fee.

A detailed report containing the following information is provided:

  • A review of existing policies, premiums, and contract clauses.
  • A review of declarations made to your existing insurer.
  • A review of financial proofs originally submitted to your existing insurer.
  • A comparative review of your professional task at the time of your enrolment and of your current job description.
  • A report on potential problems and gaps.
  • Written recommendations.

Upon completing this review, you will obtain a validation of your contract with your current insurer. The goal of this process is to limit the possibilities of a refusal if a claim where to be made in the future. This exercise also facilitates and accelerates the treatment of any eventual claim and secures your premium investment.

A word of warning – this process is very efficient and keeps on proving its value on a regular basis. However, it does not constitute a guarantee that an eventual claim will be accepted. This decision remains that of the insurer.

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