The PPTA Claim Processing Method

Even though the enrolment process is very thorough and effective, our experience shows that the service is not complete without a Claim Support component.

Claims Support ServicePPTA provides its clients with an external disability insurance support service to help processing the claim.

This service helps you fill out the required insurance forms and provides you with support during the claiming process until the insurer communicates its decision, positive or negative.

Filling out forms may seem complex and tedious for policy holders. A support service would be more than welcome at those times. Policy holders, especially if they are experiencing a disability, may find it difficult to quickly and efficiently fill out all the documentation required by the insurer. This support service enables policy holders to avoid mistakes and omissions that could cause avoidable delays and complications in the claims process.

This service is offered for a modest professional fee.

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain more information about our claim processing method.

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