Account Follow-Up – The VAULT program

This service provides you with a systematic update of all your existing policies each year, thanks to the following tools:

  • The Information Review questionnaire, a detailed report of all existing policies with illustrations, protection, and comparative analysis;
  • Yearly medical review with Health-Advices, an annual health check-up where a nurse takes your blood pressure and a blood sample – results are then given to the attending physician in the form of a report with a treatment plan recommendation and periodic follow-up appointments.

The Vault program also features a consignment component. No more worrying about keeping your legal documents in a safe place since they can now be safely kept in the PPTA’s vault.

A digitized copy of your documents is prepared on an annual basis and your personal documents, such as your will, agreements, deeds, income tax returns, insurance contracts and other will remain accessible to you during the regular business hours.

This service is offered for a modest professional fee.

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