I want a disability insurance policy – what is the PPTA enrolment process?

PPTA brings together the enrolment and the claim’s processes:

"We consider it unusual that the insurer asks for more information from the client at the moment he makes a claim than when he enrols."

The PPTA Enrolment Method - "A system that eliminates most problems in the event of a claim". This method involves several steps to submit the most complete file to the chosen insurance company.

Upon completing our review, you will receive our recommendations:

  • A comparative analysis of premiums and contract clauses offered by insurers providing guaranteed coverage;
  • Income review to establish the amount of eligible coverage;
  • A copy of all reports used (ex: your RAMQ report, your medical report, insurability and risk assessment report, etc.);
  • Our recommendation report includes a summary of your financial protection and an expert review from our analysis team on each of your existing contracts.

Considering the premiums you will pay over the course of your career, and the total income protected by this type of policy, this review process is highly recommended!

Once you have read our recommendations and you have selected your protection options, we will submit your complete case to the insurer for approval and will ensure follow-up.

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