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Setting up a Group Insurance Program

The implementation of a group insurance program must be done step-by-step to ensure success.

Our commitment to support you and to help you starts as soon as you meet us:

  • Need analysis

    This first step is to assess your needs in term of a group insurance plan.

    It is an essential component of the implementation process as you will gain an understanding of benefits offered, of the role played by a group insurance firm, of the short and long term impacts of claims in group insurance, as well as your responsibilities in the group insurance set up process. The Needs Analysis stage will also provide you with a knowledge base to help you in the choice of benefits.

  • Market study

    The PPTA team conducts a market study with various group insurance providers (click here for a list of insurers). The selection of the insurers to be solicited is made according to your needs, your type of company, and its number of employees. A detailed review – including a cost-benefit comparison – is prepared to facilitate your choices. By this stage, you should be confident in the choice of your insurer as well as that of benefits to be included in your group insurance plan.

  • Employee meeting

    The PPTA team explains to your team the benefits you have selected and their related costs.

  • Setting up the Group Insurance Plan

    The PPTA team support and guide you during the signature of the relevant forms and of the delivery of official documents.

  • Managing the Group Insurance Plan

    The PPTA team takes care of managing your group insurance plan in collaboration with your appointed in-house manager. We are committed to the smooth operation of your plan.

  • Renewal Management

    The PTTA team is proud of its reputation in the insurance industry. Our collaboration with clients and insurers, as well as our expertise and experience levels combined with our business volume, enables us to negotiate renewal conditions that are optimal.

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