Four reasons to choose PPTA

25% à 50% d'économie

1. Vias Concept

THE VIAS CONCEPT is an innovating concept in group insurance!

First introduced in Quebec in 1983 by Gestion Vias, this concept constitutes a very effective method to save at least 25% of your costs without even changing your insurance carrier.

Yes, you do not need to switch insurers to be eligible for these new savings!

Cost control in group insurance is an important challenge, particularly if you consider the rising cost of prescription drugs.

Since its inception, the Vias Concept has reduced the collective cost of group insurance by many hundreds of thousands of dollars for the clients of PPTA.

The Concept targets private and public companies both unionized and non-unionized.

Contact us to learn if you are eligible and let us calculate how much you can save now!

PPTA is the only group insurance firm with the expertise necessary to review, implement, and manage the Vias Concept.

Union Negotiations Support

Whether you are the owner of the group insurance contract or not, negotiating with unions implies that you must know the financial impact of the proposed changes.

The Vias Concept is an excellent tool for negotiations. Using our leading edge software we can easily present multiple scenarios with the detailed impact on each employee, the union and the owner.

Find out how much you could save now!

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2. The PPTA Plan Management Method

The management of a group insurance plan is a very important task that may well be a burden for the manager.

PPTA can make a difference for you!

PPTA Management

PPTA provides management services to all its customers to minimize the time spent managing transactions, eliminating mistakes, and clarifying complex situations.

Your PPTA service representative will be your first line contact and make transactions with your insurer for you. He will answer all of your questions and make current account transactions such as:

  • Adding employees;
  • Employee termination;
  • Status or salary change;
  • Any other administrative change;
  • Administrative problem troubleshooting;
  • Claim resolutions.

Acting on your behalf with the insurer

Our experience, combined with our market experience, enables us to best act on your behalf at any time with your insurer.

We are your own group insurance department!

Some representatives will only work on renewing your group insurance while PPTA acts as your adviser all year long - not only at the time of renewal.

We work for you and build a sound and stable relationship based on trust and efficiency.

Legal and tax advice

Even though the PPTA's team cumulate more than 120 years of experience, PPTA has a vast network of experts that can answer all of your tax or legal questions. Quick and efficient advices!

Group Insurance Manager Training

PPTA can take your team’s insurance training in charge.

The optimal success of your group insurance program depends on teamwork. We thus rely on your participation. To this end, we will consistently guide and support you in your group insurance management tasks.

We also have a communication strategy to transfer knowledge of internal and external factors that may impact your plan.

Note that each PPTA team member must update his knowledge of group insurance each year well beyond the norms required by the industry.

In this vein, PPTA has organized many Conferences in the past. Contact us to know when is the next conference near you.

Validation of your employees’ satisfaction level

  • Your employees do not seem satisfied with your current group insurance plan?
  • You are not so sure if you should keep that insurance plan?
  • You must rationalize and change benefits to minimize costs but you do not know how to proceed?

PPTA can provide you with a questionnaire adapted to your situation. Asking for the opinion of your employees is an efficient method to help you come up with the best solution.

Take advantage of this free service to add PPTA to your team and save on your manager’s time and limit your responsibility by decreasing the error margin.

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3. The 5 innovative cost management programs


#3.1 Medical Opinion

This service offers disabled employees a consultation with an occupational medicine specialist to provide a clearer picture of a disabling condition, help find the origin of the problem, and guide the employee toward the best treatment option possible. A questionnaire must be filled out by the employer before the medical consultation.

The absenteeism management program is offered for a professional fee and can be implemented in your company in less than 4 weeks.

Contact us to know more about our complete service offer.

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#3.2. The Health Budget

All companies have a health budget. Often times they just do not realize it. This budget is composed of:

  • Group Insurance Premiums;
  • Costs related to Health and Safety at work (CSST, WSIB, Safety group and other);
  • Costs related to non-insured absenteeism (for example: illness, flexible schedule);
  • Indirect costs of absences (for example: replacement costs, production and productivity costs, overtime).

Calculating your health budget is an effective tool to enable you to evaluate the costs of presenteeism and absenteeism in your company. This complete tool calculates both direct and indirect costs to enable you to better follow the performance of your activities in matters of cost control.

Knowing your health budget is the start of any cost-control measures!

Communicate with PPTA to get your company Health Budget.

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Healthcare Account

Nathalie’s teenage daughter needs an orthodontic treatment, but her group insurance plan does not cover theses costs. Nathalie is not worried because her employer can provide her with up to 1,000$ reimbursement for dental or health care costs. She can choose, over the course of the year, which treatment she wants a reimbursement for!

The Health Care Account is a tax-efficient solution to meet the needs of all your employees, young and not so young! Employees have basic insurance coverage, but can claims reimbursement for health treatments of their own choice that are not covered by their group insurance.

This is a benefit greatly appreciated by employees!

How it works

Credits ($) - that can only be applied to the reimbursement of medical treatments - are given to each employee at the beginning of each year.

The total credits from the employee account decrease as claims are submitted. Remaining credits expire after a given period. There are different types of healthcare accounts

Communicate with your PPTA team for more details.

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#3.3 PPTA Absenteeism Program Management (APM)

Provide your Company with a Disability Manager!

Absenteeism describes situations where an employee does not notify the employer of his/her absences, does not motivate them, or whose unauthorized absences are repeated or prolonged.

If absence is left unmanaged, absenteeism can bring a heavier workload and resentment between employees and towards the employer.

Correctly identifying the problem is a very important part of the absenteeism management process.

If the underlying cause is an illness, an injury or incapacity, employers must seek professional and expert advice. If this step is not taken, there is a possibility that a dismissal can be considered as unjustified.

The reverse, that is to medicalize a situation that should be administratively managed, can cause prolonged absences that are not medically required and increase the costs and loss of productivity.

How can we describe absenteeism?

  • The failure of an employee to show up for work;
  • Unexplained absences of an employee from work;
  • Prolonged or repeated authorized absences that go beyond usual paid personal and public holidays as provided for in the work contract.

Employers are often involved in situations where the work attendance of a given employee becomes a management problem.

Absenteeism has an impact on production levels and on other employees. Colleagues can develop a legitimate feeling of resentment toward the absentee because of a heavier workload and, eventually, toward the employer. Employers have an obligation to manage the workplace in a fair and reasonable way for everyone involved.

Absenteeism has financial implications beyond production levels and personnel morale.

Integrated absenteeism coaching

Integrated absenteeism coaching

Absenteeism Coaching

Absenteeism Coaching is a Web and telephone service where experts in presenteeism, absenteeism, and disability management guide employers toward the identification of the sources of the problem. At the right time and at the right place, they make sure that best practices in presenteeism, absenteeism, and work disability are used.

Our advisers talk with employers and help them diagnose problem(s). They provide advices, instructions, and support in designing an action plan to solve any specific problem.

Through absenteeism coaching, the employer will get expert support to help him in situations such as:

  • Learn to differentiate an administrative problem from a situation arising from a declining health status.
  • Learn what to do when you receive a medical certificate/note.
  • Learn how to accommodate an employee that has medical restrictions and functional limits.
  • Learn how to reintegrate an employee following a medical disability leave.
  • Manage a situation where we believe an employee could be a health hazard to fellow employees or his own customers.
  • Manage a situation related to employee presenteeism, absenteeism, and disability.

Claim Assistance

In case of an absence caused by disability, our experts in claim assistance support employer and employee in the following initiatives:

  • Offers a phone or Web assistance to fill out the Disability Insurance Claim form;
  • Make sure that the claims forms are fully completed and transmitted.

* Note that for the EMPLOYEE this support stops at the moment claims have been submitted to the insurer.

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#3.4 VIP Program

How can I get a better package of benefits for my key employees?

By enrolling in our VIP Plan!

It is possible to provide an additional health plan to improve their benefit package.

This program is targeted by companies that want to offer specific benefits to their executives and key employees.

The VIP Program is an agreement between PPTA and the employer. PPTA acts as a third party and reviews the insurance claims of enrolled employees.

Following this analysis, PPTA invoices the employer for the total amount of reimbursed claims, plus required taxes and costs. The maximum value of the VIP Plan can vary according to the employee class. You decide!

According to the Income Tax Act (Canada), this expense can be tax deductible. We invite you to contact our experts for more details. Here is a sample of eligible medical expenses.

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#3.5 Employee Health-Profile Plan

PPTA recognizes the importance of investing in an employee health plan.

Experience has shown that we must begin with a simple and accessible plan. That is why we have created jointly with EKo Sentinelle, the Employee Health-Profile Program.

This plan enables you to add value to your group insurance program, to strengthen the company’s sense of identity, and to promote sound health habits within your workforce.

The Employee Health-Profile Plan enables you to gather precious health information about your employees. This will facilitate adapting your health management activities to the needs of your employees.

This plan can be tailored to your needs and budgets. Here is an overview of services that could be included in the plan:

  • An appointment with a nurse in the workplace to assess:
    • Living habits questionnaire;
    • The risk of being affected by a cardiovascular disease;
    • Cholesterol level (« good » and « bad » fats);
    • Body mass index;
    • Diabetes;
    • Individual treatment plan.
  • Mini blood profile – blood pressure;
  • Health check;
  • Information sessions in the workplace (for example: Nutrition);
  • Individual follow-up up to 4 times a year.

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4. Personalized plan for car dealers

CADA 360

A group insurance designed to meet the specific needs of car dealers: CADA 360. It is also the most important group insurance plan in Canada

Launched in 1950, CADA has become one of the most reputable group insurance in the country by offering exceptional personalised service to more than 1,400 dealerships. Since its beginnings, the association has demonstrated it could keep rates incredibly stable as well as provide the lowest costs on the market. CADA 360 is an insurance plan designed and managed by car dealers for car dealers.

To ensure a unique and professional service, only CADA-approved brokers can offer the plan to their clients. Selection criteria include: professionalism, honesty, and a high level of expertise.

PPTA, through its Gestion Vias subsidiary, has been a proud CADA member since 1983! In addition, Gestion Vias has been honoured by being asked to become a member of CADA 360’s Representative Consultative Committee, a group whose objective is to provide CADA 360 with advice and solutions to optimize the CADA 360 plan.

Gestion Vias is now one of the most important CADA 360 group insurance brokers in Canada. Gestion Vias possesses an enviable reputation and can provide dealers with a turnkey group insurance management service. Gestion Vias is the only broker with both the knowledge and the experience to support you in the implementation of Concept Vias.

Do you wish to receive a quote from CADA? Do you want to shave off 25% of your group insurance rates? Contact us today!

Click here to know more about the PPTA group insurance management process


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Take advantage of PPTA's offer

  • Save 25% to 50% on your group insurance premiums with the Vias Concept
  • Update, secure and manage all of your financial coverages
  • Have expert claims management
  • Take advantage of innovating cost-control solutions, plan for the unexpected, and maximize your assets