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Choosing the Benefits

Before selecting your benefits, it is essential to conduct an analysis of your business needs as well as those of your employees.

Some questions you may ask yourself

About your company:

  • What role will the group insurance plan play within my organization?
  • What are my competitors offering?
  • What is the proportion of my employees full-time or part-time?
  • Which of my employees will be eligible for these benefits?
  • What budget can I allocate to this group insurance plan?

The PPTA team can provide you with a comparative analysis of your benefits with those offered in your industry and region to better target your needs (benchmarking).

About your employees:

  • What benefits would be the most appreciated by my employees?
  • Are the needs of my employees based in my province different from those of my employees in other provinces?
  • Are the needs of my employees different from those of my competitors?
  • What will be the real cost for my employees and the impact on their paycheck?

To discover the needs and interests of your employees, the PTTA team provides you with a short questionnaire that your employees can fill out in a confidential manner.

Options Overview

Whatever the size of your company, you may choose between many benefits, some unavoidable, some optional.

We support and guide you in the selection process so that they best meet the needs of your industry, your company, and your employees. Here is a small sample of the benefits offered:

  • Employee Life Insurance
    • Fixed amount (10,000$, 25,000$, 40,000$, ...).
    • Pourcentage du salaire actuel (100 %, 200 %, 300 %, ...).
  • Life Insurance for dependants
    • 5,000$/2,500$, 10,000$/5,000$, 25,000$/12,500$
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
    • Same formula as that of employee life insurance coverage.
  • Short-term Disability Insurance
    • Taxable or non taxable benefits.
    • Waiting period from 0 to 15 days.
    • Compensation period from 17 to 26 weeks.
  • Long-term Disability Insurance
    • Taxable or non taxable benefits.
    • Waiting period from 17 to 26 weeks.
    • Compensation period from 24 months to age 65.
  • Drug Insurance
    • Various lists of covered drugs.
    • Reimbursed drugs: generic products (forced substitution or not), named products and biological.
    • Coinsurance: 100 %, 90 %, 80 %, 75 %, 70 %, RAMQ.
    • Deductible: annual deductibles (25$, 50$, 75$) or on a prescription basis (user-pay principle): 2$, 3$, 4$, 5$
    • Maximum per prescription fee: only available outside of Quebec, this maximum reimbursement allowable on prescription fees will pressure employees to find a pharmacy with the best price and service.
  • Additional Health Insurance
    • Products covered: hospitalization, out-of-country and out-of-province coverage, ambulance, private nurse, paramedical (massage therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, others.)
    • Coinsurance: 100 %, 90 %, 80 %, 75 %, 70 %.
    • Deductible: annual deductibles (25$, 50$, 75$), maximum per use (25$ per visit, 35$ per visit), maximum for the whole of paramedical services.
  • Dental Insurance
    • Covered Services: basic care, major treatments and orthodontics
    • Coinsurance: 100 %, 90 %, 80 %, 75 %, 70 %.
    • Deductible: annual deductibles (25$, 50$, 75$)
    • Maximum reimbursement allowable: maximums of 500$, 750$, 1,000$, 1,500$, 2,500$ each year.
  • Critical Illness Insurance
    • Covered illnesses: up to 31 illnesses covered.
    • Covered amount: fixed amounts.
  • • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    • Psychologists, dieticians, financial advisors, lawyers, etc.
    • We use different providers for the EAP. We do a separate market study for benefits covered by the regular group insurance package.
  • Group RRSPs/RPP
    • Fund type: guaranteed or variable investment accounts.
    • Providers: banks and insurers.
    • Contribution formula: according to your needs.

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