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VIP Plan

How can I get a better package of benefits for my key employees?

By enrolling in our VIP Plan!

It is possible to provide an additional health plan to improve their benefit package.

This program is targeted by companies that want to offer specific benefits to their executives and key employees.

The VIP Program is an agreement between PPTA and the employer. PPTA acts as a third party and reviews the insurance claims of enrolled employees.

Following this analysis, PPTA invoices the employer for the total amount of reimbursed claims, plus required taxes and costs. The maximum value of the VIP Plan can vary according to the employee class. You decide!

According to the Income Tax Act (Canada), this expense can be tax deductible. We invite you to contact our experts for more details. Here is a sample of eligible medical expenses.

The Health Budget

All companies have a health budget. Often times they just do not realize it. This budget is composed of:

  • Group Insurance Premiums;
  • Costs related to Health and Safety at work (CSST, WSIB, Safety group and other);
  • Costs related to non-insured absenteeism (for example: illness, flexible schedule);
  • Indirect costs of absences (for example: replacement costs, production and productivity costs, overtime).

Calculating your health budget is an effective tool to enable you to evaluate the costs of presenteeism and absenteeism in your company. This complete tool calculates both direct and indirect costs to enable you to better follow the performance of your activities in matters of cost control.

You must know your health budget if you want to implement cost-control measures!

Communicate with PPTA to get your company Health Budget.

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Healthcare Account

Nathalie’s teenage daughter needs an orthodontic treatment, but her group insurance plan does not cover theses costs. Nathalie is not worried because her employer can provide her with up to 1,000$ reimbursement for dental or health care costs. She can choose, over the course of the year, which treatment she wants a reimbursement for!

The Health Care Account is a tax-efficient solution to meet the needs of all your employees, young and not so young! Employees have basic insurance coverage, but can claims reimbursement for health treatments of their own choice that are not covered by their group insurance.

This is a benefit greatly appreciated by employees!

How it works

Credits ($) - that can only be applied to the reimbursement of medical treatments - are given to each employee at the beginning of each year.

The total credits from the employee account decrease as claims are submitted. Remaining credits expire after a given period. There are different types of healthcare accounts. Communicate with your PPTA team for more details.

Employee Health-Profile Plan

PPTA recognizes the importance of investing in an employee health plan.

Experience has shown that we must begin with a simple and accessible plan. That is why we have created jointly with EKo Sentinelle, the Employee Health-Profile Program.

This plan enables you to add value to your group insurance program, to strengthen the company’s sense of identity, and to promote sound health habits within your workforce.

The Employee Health-Profile Plan enables you to gather precious health information about your employees. This will facilitate adapting your health management activities to the needs of your employees.

This plan can be tailored to your needs and budgets. Here is an overview of services that could be included in the plan:

  • An appointment with a nurse in the workplace to assess:
    • Living habits questionnaire;
    • The risk of being affected by a cardiovascular disease;
    • Cholesterol level (« good » and « bad » fats);
    • Body mass index;
    • Diabetes;
    • Individual treatment plan.
  • Mini blood profile – blood pressure;
  • Health check;
  • Information sessions in the workplace (for example: Nutrition);
  • Individual follow-up up to 4 times a year.

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  • Have expert claims management
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